Work Order Software

Hotel work order management software and task tracking

Quickly resolve maintenance issues in your hotel. Ensure tasks and work orders are completed on time by automating the process and eliminating paperwork. Expedite room readiness and improve staff accountability. The work order system and task tracking software are offered with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model. The management software is web-based, with a cloud database and mobile work order generation app. The work order system integrates room inspection software or 3rd-party software (for hospitality management hotel operations).

Work Order Application

While inspecting a hotel room, simply tap the “work order” button on the mobile application to issue a task or work order. The software creates a new work order ticket with all pertinent information. Enter the room number and describe the issue such as “bathroom faucet is leaking”. Take a photo if needed. Prioritize the task or work order as “immediate”, “24-hour” or “long-term”, for example. Mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Work Order Issuance

A PDF version of the work order can be automatically generated and emailed from smartphones and tablets. The work order data is syncronized with our web-based work order management system and cloud database. The engineering and maintenance department receives a real-time notification via text or email.

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Work Order Management Software

Our web-based work order management solution stores data on the cloud or on customer-hosted servers. The status of each task or work order is tracked from issuance to resolution. Each work order or task is displayed as “new”, “in progress” or “completed”. “Urgent” service issues are highlighted. We offer both task tracking systems and work order management software tailored to the unique needs of each hotel.

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Work Order Task Reporting

Automate and distribute reports to decision-makers. View the status of work orders and tasks in progress. “Late” items are highlighted in red. Report on key performance indicators such “on time ratio”. Sort service data by filters such as hotel room number, date range, quality issue and other attributes.

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