Hotel Housekeeping Software

Hotel housekeeping software for quality inspection, scoring and audits

Use a tablet or smartphone to inspect housekeeping quality in each hotel room. Note the room number and housekeeper’s name. Note each item as “pass” or “fail” on the housekeeping inspection checklist. Take notes and photos of deficiencies. Use housekeeper tracking and scoring to report on performance by date, name and other attributes. Report on key performance indicators (KPI’s) and QA/QC issues. List room availability based on housekeeping status.

Housekeeping Software Integration

Integrate the housekeeping inspection software with the hotel’s existing management software. The web-based software utilizes a database hosted in the cloud. Payments are (SaaS) subscription based with a monthly fee.

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Housekeeping Software Functionality

  • Hotel housekeeping checklists
  • Hotel housekeeping mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Hospitality quality (QA/QC) audit software
  • Housekeeper quality scoring and tracking
  • Custodial management and janitorial auditing software

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