Vystas Software Pricing

No Setup Fee. No Long-Term Contract. Just Good Business.

“There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon

We agree. Our goal is to provide your hotel with the most economical software possible. Our packaged solutions provide the most common features requested by the housekeeping supervisors, hotel managers and hotel executives that we are proud to call clients.

We charge no up-front setup fee and require no long-term contracts. Prices are charged on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with monthly billing. Cancel anytime. It’s our job to keep you happy every month.

Basic Software Solutions

  • DEVICE: iPad
  • CHECKLIST: Standard room inspection checklist
  • PHOTOS: 5 per inspection
  • SIGNATURE: Sign on screen
  • NOTES: Type in comments
  • SCORING: Standard method

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Mid-Level Software Solutions

  • DEVICE: Compatible with all browser enabled devices (requires Wi-fI)
  • CHECKLIST: Customized per hotel
  • PHOTOS: 10 per inspection
  • SIGNATURE: Sign on screen
  • NOTES: Type in comments
  • SCORING: Weighted line item scoring
  • MANAGEMENT: Limited inspection management system
  • DASHBOARD: Most common deficiencies and housekeeper scores
  • STORAGE: 20GB max
  • REPORTS: Pick three
    • Inspections per inspector
    • Deficiency rank
    • Inspections per housekeeper
    • Housekeeper scores
    • Housekeeper progress

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Enterprise Software Solutions

Includes the entire Mid-Level version plus:

  • OFFLINE APP: Works without Wi-Fi or cell connectivity (single device type)
  • INSPECTION MANAGEMENT: Full inspection management system
  • DASHBOARD: Limited custom data
  • REPORTS: 8 reports
  • DATA: 50GB storage
  • MAINTENANCE: Work order issuance and management system
  • KPI: Key performance indicator tracking
  • ROOMS: Room availability tracking

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Custom Software Solutions

Includes the entire Enterprise version with options:

  • INTEGRATION: With customer’s existing software and systems
  • SCHEDULE: Of inspections, staff, housekeepers, maintenance and room cleaning
  • QUEUE: Room queue
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Via text or email
  • GUEST INFORMATION: Provided by customer
  • LOST AND FOUND: List items
  • ANALYTICS: Custom data analytics, charting, graphing and reporting
  • INVENTORY: Inventory management system
  • FORCASTING: Predictive forecasting
  • SECURITY: Additional data security levels
  • CUSTOM: Other custom functions per customer request

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Competitive Pricing

*The prices listed are “per property” estimates based on multiple property purchases and a limited number of rooms. We can customize any package based on the specific requirements of each client. Pricing is based on a combination of the number of properties, number of users, number of rooms and number of functions requested. A firm quotation can be provided only after Vystas and the client have discussed and agreed on the final project specifications.